USA: Branson golf courses - the majority of the area’s 10 courses welcome players

Ozarks Oasis is Home to Many Top-Rated Golf Venues

Branson golf courses, increasingly becoming known as some of the best in America, are embracing players with smart, timely, and player friendly best practices as the 2020 season begins.

The majority of the area’s 10 courses, including two that have opened within the past 12 months, are welcoming players while implementing CDC best practices designed to diminish Coronavirus risk. Precluding groups of 10 or more people from gathering, disinfecting equipment and infrastructure, and many other proactive measures are ongoing.

Following is additional news from some Branson Golf playing venues.

  1. The Pointe Golf Club is asking players to leave the flag sticks in the hole, removing ball washers from the golf course, not putting water coolers on the course, and removing rakes from sand traps. Staff is raking bunkers as often as possible, and the club is asking players to use their feet to create a decent lie.
  2. Branson Hills Golf Club has extended the winter rate of $79 through the end of April and has a new special local rate of $59. It is transferring shotgun tournaments to tee time formats with all prizes and scoring being done by email (to preclude group gatherings. To-go containers of food are offered.
  3. LedgeStone Country Club is power washing all golf cars and using disinfectant wipes on seats, steering wheels and any other touch points. The club issued the following statement: “LedgeStone is located on 325 acres that encompass over a mile from our north to south boundaries. With 10-minute tee times, our players are spread out and they use their own equipment. We feel an obligation to provide people with the option of a healthy and active lifestyle location at a time when everyone needs it.”
  4. Big Cedar Lodge, home to five of the 10 area courses, has hand sanitizer in all clubhouses for guest use. They are stocked at the pro shop counter and by the exits, free to use. Like the other Branson Golf courses, Big Cedar is closely monitoring CDC directives and reacting accordingly, including disinfecting frequently and thoroughly.

Branson Golf provides a first-class collection of courses in the glorious natural wonder that is the Ozarks.