Hungary 2021: Interview with Club Manager of Zala Springs Golf Resort

Featuring a stunning Robert Trent Jones Jr championship golf course, distinctive modern clubhouse and brand-new luxury spa, Zala Springs enjoys an enviable location, lying within a two hour drive of four iconic European cities (Budapest, Vienna, Zagreb & Ljubljana) and within 20 minutes of the beautiful Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest lake and a sunseeker’s and water sports paradise.

Accommodation is provided in the form of 32 luxurious apartments and penthouse suites, offering at the same time a unique real estate and investment opportunity.

Interview with Sonja Gschwendtner

After a challenging 2020 the Club has been really busy this year, particularly in the summer period. Do you notice an increase in the number of international golfers at the resort?

SG: Definitely and we’re extremely pleased about that. Once the lockdown ended and borders re-opened we saw a significant increase in the number of international guests booking to stay with us. Since then we also had the opportunity to host the Hungarian Open Championship which was a successful event and brought more international players to Zala Springs.


Even during the lockdown period we never really stopped working and thinking of ways to continue to push the business forward. Our team works daily with IMG and together we continued to spread the news about Zala Springs and think about new strategies. We also had the pleasure to host a Media Trip in October, with most of the journalists
coming from Germany, which is a huge market for us.

Zala Springs recently opened a 5-star Spa & Wellness centre within the resort. How is it all going with the new facility and do you notice an interest from golfers wishing to enjoy it before or after their round?

SG: For a long time our owners had planned to add a new leisure facility to the resort and we were all happy to be able to open our spa after such a challenging year. Even though golf continues to be one of the main focuses for our business, thanks to the wellness centre we can offer everything inside the same property: world-class golf, gourmet cuisine, fantastic accommodation & real estate investment opportunities and now a luxury spa.

Golfers love the new spa facilities and it’s definitely a plus for us as they use it regularly either before or after their round. Our new gin & tonic bar (located within the spa) also prove to be very popular amongst guests, members and residents.

Talking about junior golf, you have been organising a very interesting Junior Camp every summer. What is included in the programme and from which areas do most of the kids come from?

SG: Indeed, the Junior Camp has been a great addition to the Academy summer schedule and we see kids coming mainly from the local area and Budapest. At present Hungary has only around 2,000 registered players so we really want to contribute to developing the game here.


We offer different options to parents and one of them is that kids can join the Junior Camp and spend the day learning about golf, while adults can stay with us and enjoy the different parts of the resort. The Zala Springs Junior Camp is in English, offering kids a great platform not only to learn golf but also to develop their English. As part of the programme we also teach them about the basics of golf operations and greenkeeping so they can understand more about the golf club general business. At the end of the course they also receive a special buggy driving license!


One of the biggest news around the Junior Camp this year was that thanks to your partnership with IMG, kids had the option to also register for a junior programme at the IMG Academy in Florida, USA. Do you feel that brought an extra motivation for all kids visiting Zala Springs this summer?

SG: The special access to the IMG Academy in Florida is definitely a massive opportunity for kids who want to improve their skills and invest in their future in golf, especially when you see players like Nelly Korda, who is an IMG Academy Alumni, winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games a few weeks ago.

We actually had a lot of interest about this opportunity, although many parents are still slightly worried with the current global situation. But we’re confident that in future and once things improve, we’ll see more kids from Zala Springs and Hungary attending these special golf camps in Bradenton. We’ll continue to do all we can to develop Hungarian juniors and help them achieve great successes in their future golfing careers.

2023 Solheim Cup: Let's live the dream in Spain

Turismo Costa del Sol airs a video in which Azahara Muñoz tells us how the 2023 Solheim Cup is "her dream come true"

The organization wanted to show, with help from the Malagan golfer, how important it is for the destination to host an event as prestigious as the 2023 Solheim Cup

Turismo Costa del Sol has released a video in which the Malagan golfer Azahara Muñoz tells us how the Solheim Cup is her “dream come true”. The video, which shows Azahara Muñoz in different parts of the Costa del Sol, like the Malaga airport and the beach, takes an emotional journey through her dreams, from her childhood until today, when she saw her dream come true with the Solheim Cup being held in her homeland.

The Malaga-born Azahara Muñoz talks about the 2023 Solheim Cup, an international team competition that will bring together, from September 18 to 24, 2023 at Finca Cortesín, European and American players on Spanish soil for the first time in the history of the tournament.

“Your dreams grow up with you, they're with you from the time you're born, they're a part of you”, this is how Azahara Muñoz begins the video where, sitting on a bench at the Malaga Costa del Sol airport, she recalls “every time I have taken off from this airport in search of my dreams”.

Azahara Muñoz has been dreaming and making golf fans dream from a very early age. The player from San Pedro de Alcántara enjoyed a very successful career as an amateur on both sides of the Atlantic, becoming the NCAA (the American university league) singles champion and winning the British Ladies Amateur, the most prestigious competition in that category, along with many other victories.

As a professional, Azahara Muñoz has won six victories in the main international tours (LPGA Tour and LET) and has become a mainstay on the European Solheim Cup team, whose colors she has defended four times (with three European victories).

The Malaga golfer notes that “the road wasn't always easy. It's hard to know if you're the one who is chasing your dreams or if they're chasing you". Strolling along Malaga's beaches, she sends a positive message because, as she says, “one day you land back home only to realize that your dreams landed with you. The countdown has begun. Let's live the dream”.

With this video, the organization wanted to show, with help from the Malagan golfer, how important it is for the destination to host an event as prestigious as the 2023 Solheim Cup.

The Costa del Sol is ready to host this event and people from all the sectors involved are working on this joint dream that will benefit not only women's golf, but the entire golf world, all the athletes, and the tourism and business sectors, who are seeing how Malaga will again take the spotlight as it spreads the Costa del Sol brand far and wide.

The 2023 Solheim Cup, an event of exceptional public interest whose official site is Finca Cortesín, is sponsored by PING, Turismo Costa del Sol and Rolex as global partners; and by the Regional Government of Andalusia, Acosol, the Marbella City Council and the Benahavís City Council as official partners.

Turismo Costa del Sol airs a video in which Azahara Muñoz tells us how the 2023 Solheim Cup is "her dream come true"

The organization wanted to show, with help from the Malagan golfer, how important it is for the destination to host an event as prestigious as the 2023 Solheim Cup

Turismo Costa del Sol has released a video in which the Malagan golfer Azahara Muñoz tells us how the Solheim Cup is her “dream come true”. The video, which shows Azahara Muñoz in different parts of the Costa del Sol, like the Malaga airport and the beach, takes an emotional journey through her dreams, from her childhood until today, when she saw her dream come true with the Solheim Cup being held in her homeland.

The Malaga-born Azahara Muñoz talks about the 2023 Solheim Cup, an international team competition that will bring together, from September 18 to 24, 2023 at Finca Cortesín, European and American players on Spanish soil for the first time in the history of the tournament.

“Your dreams grow up with you, they're with you from the time you're born, they're a part of you”, this is how Azahara Muñoz begins the video where, sitting on a bench at the Malaga Costa del Sol airport, she recalls “every time I have taken off from this airport in search of my dreams”.

Azahara Muñoz has been dreaming and making golf fans dream from a very early age. The player from San Pedro de Alcántara enjoyed a very successful career as an amateur on both sides of the Atlantic, becoming the NCAA (the American university league) singles champion and winning the British Ladies Amateur, the most prestigious competition in that category, along with many other victories.

As a professional, Azahara Muñoz has won six victories in the main international tours (LPGA Tour and LET) and has become a mainstay on the European Solheim Cup team, whose colors she has defended four times (with three European victories).

The Malaga golfer notes that “the road wasn't always easy. It's hard to know if you're the one who is chasing your dreams or if they're chasing you". Strolling along Malaga's beaches, she sends a positive message because, as she says, “one day you land back home only to realize that your dreams landed with you. The countdown has begun. Let's live the dream”.

With this video, the organization wanted to show, with help from the Malagan golfer, how important it is for the destination to host an event as prestigious as the 2023 Solheim Cup.

The Costa del Sol is ready to host this event and people from all the sectors involved are working on this joint dream that will benefit not only women's golf, but the entire golf world, all the athletes, and the tourism and business sectors, who are seeing how Malaga will again take the spotlight as it spreads the Costa del Sol brand far and wide.

Thailand 2020:  Best golfing destinations for Indian golfers

“Thai Golf Passport” launched to offer Indian golfers a seamless golf experience in Thailand post COVID-19.


Indian golfers have rated Thailand among the best golfing destinations in a recent survey jointly conducted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) New Delhi Office and India-based golf management company, Sports and Leisure Worldwide (SLW).


Mr. Vachirachai Sirisumpan, Director of the TAT New Delhi Office, said, “We conducted the survey to ascertain the impact of COVID-19 on golf tourism to Thailand and were happy to see the enthusiasm to travel for golf among the Indian golfers.”

A whopping 97% of Indian golfers who took part in the “Golfing in Thailand” survey rated Thailand as one of the best golfing destinations. They pointed out Thai hospitality, followed by value for money and affordable luxury, as the top three key factors for them to travel to Thailand to play golf.


Thailand’s close proximity to India was another key factor in influencing the Indian golfers mind in deciding Thailand as the premier destination for golf holidays, according to the survey.

The survey was conducted during 10-27 July, 2020. The sample group of 1,005 respondents were made up of golfers from all over India, including Delhi and NCR (65%), Chandigarh (5%) and others (30%).

Male golfers (98%) constituted the majority of the respondents with the remaining 2% being female golfers. Of the total, 93% were members of a golf club and the remaining were non-members. Their golfing handicaps ranked from 0-9 (12%), 10-18 (60%), and 19-26 (28%).


Almost 88% of the respondents said they were planning to travel abroad to play golf post COVID-19. Safety was noted as the prime concern for the outbound travel for 92% of Indian golfers.

Mr. Anil Dev, Managing Director, SLW Group, said, “Golfers are a little more demanding when it comes to hospitality, and Thailand wins hands down in that department. We expect Thailand would be the first destination where the majority of the golfers would travel to for their first golf holiday post COVID-19.”

Thailand is a dream destination for the golfers from all around the world, as it has amazing golfing facilities. With more than 250 golf courses ideally located throughout the country, these top quality courses also offer reasonable green fees, and friendly caddies to attract golfers to visit this amazing place.

To bring value to this offering, the TAT New Delhi Office and SLW Group have launched a “Thai Golf Passport” to offer Indian golfers a seamless golf experience in Thailand. Indian golfers can now be a part of this rewarding loyalty programme whenever they tee off in Amazing Thailand and redeem their points for products from more than 200 leading brands.


“Thailand is a spectacular choice and dream come true destination for golfers with a stunning and vast selection of golf courses. We look forward to welcoming international golfers to amazing Thailand once the COVID-19 situation improves,” Mr. Vachirachai concluded.


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Portugal 2020: Autumn Golf in #Madeira is blooming good fun

#Golf is blooming in Madeira this autumn with the Covid-19 pandemic offering players the unexpected opportunity to indulge in the world-famous culture and history of the island.

Travelling golfers can combine golf on three outstanding 18-hole courses with the added bonus of experiencing some of Madeira’s most celebrated annual events until the end of September, including its globally-renowned Flower Festival and Wine Festival. #lifestyletravelmedicus


Traditionally held each May and centred around the island’s capital of #Funchal, the 2020 Flower Festival had to be postponed and rearranged earlier this year following the outbreak of coronavirus.

Now taking place from September 3-27, the three-week festival offers visitors the unforgettable chance to experience a kaleidoscope of colour and the magic that runs through the municipalities of the Madeira archipelago with an array of unique exhibits made totally from flowers.


Running at the same time, the #Madeira Wine Festival invites guests to raise a glass and sample a plethora of the island’s world-famous fortified wines while tasting a range of regional snacks and enjoying one of the many live concerts.


Madeira and her islands – which were last year hailed as the ‘world’s best emerging golf destination’ at the World Golf Awards, and as Europe’s ‘leading island destination’ for the fourth successive year, as well as the world’s ‘leading island destination’ for a staggering fifth year running in the 2019 World Travel Awards – reopened to international visitors on July 1.

Madeira is home to three magnificent golf courses in total, with Santo da Serra and Palheiro Golf located on the mainland, and Porto Santo Golf located on the nearby island of Porto Santo.

Portugal 2020: Aspiring young golf professionals can gain the edge at Troia

The new Edge Golf College at Portugal’s stunning Troia Resort is recruiting elite young amateur golfers from across Europe looking to turn professional – offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of studying their passion and playing every day.

European top 10 venue Troia has partnered with Edge Golf College to develop the next generation of top level golfers – with an intensive programme which will give students the education, training, facilities and coaching they need to reach the highest level.

Edge Golf College’s two years of bespoke golf-specific education is solely dedicated to tournament performance, performance psychology and business – touching on topics such as biomechanics and sports nutrition.

Students can leave the college with a degree in Sports Business Management or Sports Coaching Performance, awarded by the University of Central Lancashire. The programme will be taught, and has been written by, a number of industry experts, specialists in their fields, to accelerate golfers’ development faster than any other college programme worldwide.

Combing a higher-education curriculum with more than 45 hours of practice a week, the college will give aspiring golfers the chance to focus on their game, with every aspect being analysed and improved on a daily basis.

Based full-time at the world-class Troia Golf Resort, Edge Golf College is perfectly placed geographically and educationally to transition players from elite amateurs to tournament professionals.

Students will have unlimited access to the spectacular 18-hole championship course, which is highly regarded across Europe for its challenging links holes and natural beauty, offering the perfect test for the up-and-coming players, with small, narrow greens and bold bunkering – requiring them to play a multitude of shots through a combination of pine trees and indigenous coastal plants.


The par-72 course is designed by legendary American golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Senior and stretches 6,317m along the beach on a beautiful sand-skirted peninsula, with panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean and Arrábida mountain range throughout.

But it is not just the top quality course that makes Troia the perfect destination for Edge Golf College, the unrivalled practice facilities include a state-of-the-art academy, newly-designed driving range and several short game areas – perfect for warm weather training.


The focused practice and education schedule is combined with regular opportunities to compete, with at least one World Amateur Golf Ranking event every month through the Portugal Pro Golf Tour. Edge’s programme has been designed to allow students to take part in regular tournaments during term time, including releasing students to compete in their national events, encouraging them to play in the European Tour Qualifying School, and, if ranked highly enough, qualify for the Portugal Masters and the Portugal Open.

Neil Connolly, co-founder of Edge Golf College, said: “We launched Edge Golf College to fill the void for top players from European countries, giving them an opportunity to play, practice, compete and learn all year round in a warm European climate, without the upheaval and current uncertainty of heading out to the US for a scholarship.


“We feel extremely lucky to be able to operate out of Troia – it’s one of the best facilities in Europe and is the ideal training environment for our students, not to mention the sunshine and warm weather offering the perfect conditions for personal golf development.


“Many European golf federations, including Portugal, are on board with the concept of Edge. They are tired of coaching their top young talent only to see them disappear to the US on scholarships. It would be hugely advantageous for the federations, the national coaches and the players to stay in Europe with regular access to the team which got them to this point.”

There are three learning options available – remote, blended and residential – with a price point to suit every player’s budget. Scholarships are also available for eligible players.

Edge Golf College is currently recruiting for the first course at Troia, which starts in September 2021, and is requesting that any players interested enquire as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of spaces available.

Portugal: Enjoy a round with Portugal's best-ever golfer at Quinta do Lago

As Europe’s premier golf and lifestyle resort, Quinta do Lago is famous for serving up an array of outstanding luxury golf experiences and this year is better than ever, with golfers being offered the exclusive chance to play golf with the highest-ranked Portuguese player of all time.


The award-winning Algarve venue has teamed up with European Tour star Ricardo Gouveia to provide players with the unforgettable opportunity to learn from the very best and play a round with the former world number 77.

Gouveia, 28, has a long-standing relationship with Quinta do Lago dating back to his childhood days growing up in the Algarve, with his family home located in the grounds of Laranjal, one of the prestigious venue’s three championship golf courses.


Bookable for two or three players, the new ‘Golf Pro Experience’ includes 18 holes with a buggy on any of the resort’s three courses. Subject to availability throughout 2020, prices start from €299 per person for two players and €266 per person for a three-player experience.


The introduction of the new package is the latest illustration of Quinta do Lago’s commitment to delivering a variety of world-class golf facilities and experiences to its residents, members and guests.

In addition to launching a new online golf coaching service earlier this year, the resort is investing a further €7m in a golf course improvement programme this summer, including a major overhaul of its famous South Course and the reopening of its main golf clubhouse this month following a modern and sophisticated makeover.

Set amongst 2,000 acres of the picturesque Ria Formosa Natural Park and just a 15-minute drive from Faro airport, Quinta do Lago has been at the forefront of Europe’s elite golf, sports and family destinations for nearly five decades.


As well as its three 18-hole championship golf courses and outstanding practice facilities, guests can enjoy an array of sports at the state-of-the-art performance centre The Campus, a world-class sports hub designed for professionals and amateurs alike to train and live well.

Complementing the golf is a choice of 12 first-class bars and restaurants that deliver a range of delicious local and international cuisines, with accommodation on offer at the resort’s recently-acquired boutique hotel, The Magnolia Hotel.

Puerto Rico Golf Courses, Resorts prepare for tourism resumption on July 15

All but one of Puerto Rico’s 18 golf courses and many of its resorts have reopened in advance of July 15, when the Island can begin welcoming back visitors.

Some Island golf courses only allowed member play when they reopened on May 26. Since then, the majority now welcome public play, including Royal Isabela, Costa Caribe Golf & Country Club, Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Golf & Beach Resort, Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico (home of Coco Beach Golf Club), El Legado, Deportivo del Oeste, and more. The St. Regis Bahia Beach is allowing public play on weekdays, reserving Friday-Sunday and holidays for resort guests and members.

TPC Dorado Beach and Palmas Athletic Clubs are currently limiting play to members and their guests only. El Conquistador is the only Island course not currently open. To discover specific details for any Puerto Rico golf course, call them directly at the numbers listed below.



Puerto Rico golf courses require safeguards to enhance safe recreation, including staff using personal protective gear, sanitizing golf carts and the Pro Shop common areas, and much more.

Puerto Rico’s golf courses are located throughout the Island with several in northeastern Puerto Rico near capital San Juan. The Island is an enchanting destination where history, culture, gastronomy, nightlife, beaches, and natural wonders abound. It requires no passport for American citizens, is bilingual, uses the U.S. dollar for currency, and is the air hub of the Caribbean. There are more than 4,000 restaurants, and the lodging venues range from top hospitality brands to being named a top 10 Airbnb world destination.

The Island’s golf venues include:

  • TPC Dorado Beach (36 holes) – 787-626-1020
  • Costa Caribe (27) – 787-812-2650
  • Fort Buchanan (9) – 787-707-3980
  • Wyndham Grand Rio Mar (36) – 787-888-6000
  • Rio Bayamon (18) – 787-740-1419
  • Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve/Coco Beach (36) – 787-657-2000
  • The St. Regis Bahia Beach (18) – 787-809-8000
  • Caguas Real (18) – 787-653-1573
  • Royal Isabela (18) – 787-609-5888
  • Deportivo del Oeste (18) – 787-851-8880
  • Palmas Athletic Club (36) – 787-656-3000
  • Punta Borinquen (18) – 787-890-2987
  • El Legado (18) – 787-866-8894
  • El Conquistador (18) – 787-863-1000

UK: The Grove completes major bunker renovation project

The Grove, London's ultimate five-star retreat, has completed an important renovation and redesign project that has seen major enhancements to every bunker on its 18-hole championship golf course.

In close consultation with original architect, Kyle Phillips and his shaping specialist, Theo Travis, the greenkeeping team at The Grove, in partnership with specialist contractor MJ Abbott, have revitalised all 90 bunkers across the golf course, enhancing playability and aesthetics on each one.

The work was undertaken across an intensive 10-week pre-lockdown period that saw the team re-address bunker shaping, repair damaged edges, review grassing lines and re-affirm mown and natural areas surrounding each trap.

The golf course, which continues to feature in many influential Top 100 rankings, stayed open for play during the whole process, with three holes being worked on at any one time with a temporary green being used on each, while ground staff undertook the necessary work.

Phill Chiverton, Golf Course Manager at The Grove, said: "A project of this scale, and over such a relatively short period of time, took a huge amount of planning, resources, machinery and turf in order to be completed successfully, and on time. Our team worked on an average of 1.8 bunkers a day which is incredible, considering the adverse winter weather conditions we experienced."

The Grove, open to all and with no handicap or playing restrictions, is one of the UK’s finest golf estates, being the only venue in the British Isles to have staged a World Golf Championship event in 2006 (won by Tiger Woods). It subsequently went on to host its first European Tour event - The British Masters, in association with Sky Sports - 10 years later, won by Alex Noren.

In addition to the bunker transformation work, a new tee has been constructed on the Par 4, 5th hole, and a 200m2 extension has also been added to the putting green which lies adjacent to the 1st tee.

The golf course work is part of wide-ranging enhancements across the Hertfordshire estate, including a reinvented Stables Bar and Restaurant, renovations to guest rooms in The West Wing, and to public lounges in The Mansion.

This work follows the hugely successful re-opening of The Glasshouse restaurant last year, that takes diners on a lavish food journey with eight bountiful live food stations, where chefs are constantly preparing the freshest, tastiest International cuisine.

Situated in 300 acres of historic Hertfordshire countryside, The Grove offers luxury accommodation in 26 historic Mansion rooms and suites, as well as 189 rooms within the contemporary West Wing, together with an award-winning spa, Sequoia, where guests can indulge in a variety of treatments.

The Royal Golf La Bagnaia, Siena in Tuscany, offers fans of this sport an 18-hole course designed over 130 hectares of wooded hills and relaxing landscape.

Royal Golf La Bagnaia has launched a new website dedicated to showcasing both the golf club and wider aspects of the stunning Tuscan resort such as the on-site Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel and the beautiful Tuscan region that surrounds. Created by London-based agency 301 Design, the website transmits the sense of uniqueness and individuality guests can only find at La Bagnaia. It presents an easy platform to navigate and to learn more about this unique resort.

Surrounded by the beautiful Sienese countryside, La Bagnaia is a tranquil oasis set against a landscape scattered with charming medieval hamlets and towns. The golf course, designed by the award-winning architect Robert Trent Jones Jnr, and opened in 2009, is draped across the rolling Siena hills and offers a unique inland links experience with undulating fairways and sweeping fescue roughs. Expansive practice facilities include a short game and pitch & putt area and the Clubhouse, a painstakingly restored Tuscan farmhouse, overlooks the 18th green, and provides golfers with an authentic and luxurious place to relax and enjoy the views towards ancient Sienna whilst sampling the finest Tuscan ingredients and produce. IMG has been providing management and marketing services to Royal Golf La Bagnaia since 2018.

Brodie Macdonald, General Manager at Royal Golf La Bagnaia commented: “We’re really excited with the new website and very pleased with the final result. Royal Golf La Bagnaia is one of the finest courses in the country and considering our international strategy to promote the resort, we felt it was the right time to invest in a new platform which will help us showcase the facilities to a global audience”.

Through the website golfers will have access to a complete course guide and will be able learn more about the surrounding Tuscan attractions and also book tee-times directly with the golf club. As Italy prepares to host the 2022 Ryder Cup, it’s time to learn more and become part of Royal Golf La Bagnaia.

Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf & Spa issues invite to golfers

Golfers have the opportunity to enjoy one of Europe’s premier luxury golf experiences again after Finca Cortesin reopened for business following the Covid-19 lockdown.

The award-winning championship course in Andalusia, southern Spain, reopened exclusively to members on May 25, while visitors are being invited to book and play from Monday, June 1. All players are being asked to observe the social distancing and Covid-19 measures that have been put in place.

Finca Cortesin has hosted numerous high-profile tournaments since opening in 2006 including the Volvo World Match Play Championship in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

Renowned for its five-star customer experience and attention to detail, the exclusive resort is the first golf venue in Spain to feature a new, eco-friendly variety of Bermuda grass on all its greens, while its expert maintenance team worked extensively during lockdown to ensure the course condition is the best it has ever been for reopening.

Complementing the golf course are outstanding practice facilities including the recently-upgraded Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy, which will also reopen from June 1.


James Beesley, director of golf at Finca Cortesin Hotel, Golf & Spa, said: “The last couple of months has been a difficult time for everyone and it’s a pleasure to be able to welcome golfers to the resort again. The golf course is looking beautiful and our team has worked tirelessly to make sure that it is as good as ever for everyone that visits over the coming months.”

Located across a vast 532-acre estate in the rolling hills of southern Spain between Marbella and Sotogrande, Finca Cortesin has a well-earned reputation as one of Europe’s most exclusive modern golf and lifestyle destination resorts.

The resort’s 18-hole championship course was designed by world-renowned golf architect Cabell Robinson and Finca Cortesin’s position at the forefront of Spanish and European golf was further enhanced recently after being named as the ‘Best Golf Club in Spain’ at’s 2020 Golfers’ Choice Awards.

Complementing the par-72 layout are outstanding practice facilities including Finca Cortesin’s recently-upgraded Jack Nicklaus Golf Academy, while the resort’s other luxury amenities include an elegant 67-suite hotel; a 6,000sqm Beach Club; an award-winning spa featuring Spain’s only snow cave; and the choice of four restaurants.

Virtual Women’s Golf Day on June 2nd 2020 #GolfAtHome  #COVID-19

 Women’s Golf Day will bring together some of the leading names in golf in a virtual celebration of the game, whilst raising essential funds for the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the live event- date for Women’s Golf Day was postponed to September 1st the team remains committed to Empower, Engage and Support the industry and golfers around the globe by hosting a WGD Digital Celebration on June 2nd.

On June 2nd, the website will engage golfers with exclusive videos by some of the most recognisable women and men from the world of golf, interviews, tips and insights across the 24hr period. Throughout the day there will also be an online auction that will feature ‘money can’t buy’ experiences donated by the biggest names in the game, including ClubCorp, Troon and more.

All proceeds from the online auction will be donated to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).  MSF teams are responding to COVID-19 on multiple fronts caring for patients, offering health education and mental health support, and providing training for vital infection control measures in health facilities around the world. Items are being collected for the WGD / MSF auction through May 12th. Celebrities and companies are encouraged to contact Elisa Gaudet for further information.

Elisa Gaudet, Founder of Women’s Golf Day is determined that this ‘Virtual’ Women’s Golf Day will shine a light on the game, and bring some much-needed hope for the future “We are united, resolute and want to look back and take pride in how we responded to this challenge. Every person in each of the more than 50 countries which host an event on WGD faces their own unique set of circumstances, but all share a love of golf.  We want to share the joy it brings by celebrating our amazing partners, bringing you videos and interviews with leading names all whilst raising money for MSF.”


While the Virtual Women’s Golf Day will have its home at, there will be many other ways for golfers around the world to get involved in the celebration. Last year on social media over 25 million people were viewing WGD content hence this year the WGD team are encouraging people to share their love of the game by flooding channels with images of golfers wearing WGD red and white using #WGDUnites and @womensgolfday.


There is also the chance to join the likes of Annika, Sky Sports’ Sarah Stirk, Lisa Longball  by sharing your #WGDUnites Challenge video clips. Simply catch the ball, say your name and where you are from and why you love the game of golf and pass it on using the hashtag!

WGD will also be supporting The R&A by sharing content from their #GolfAtHome campaign.
Antony Scanlon, Executive Director if the International Golf Federation is a long time supporter of Women’s Golf Day he comments, “The IGF is proud of its association with the Women’s Golf Day since its inception and seeing the tremendous growth of this event worldwide. With all of us living in these times of extreme uncertainty we support and commend the WGD Digital Celebration golf industry initiative to raise funds for the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

‘Best in Catalonia’ PGA Catalunya Resort's Stadium Course holes voted by thausend of golf fans

The spectacular golf experience offered by PGA Catalunya Resort’s award-winning Stadium Course has been recognised in a new Catalan Golf Federation poll that ranked three of the course’s holes in the region’s ‘Best 18’.

Aggregating social media votes from thousands of golfers, fans and followers, The Stadium Course, a three-time host of the Open de España, was voted to have the best 1st, 9th and 11th holes. It also received more nominations than any other venue in Catalonia.

The poll was championed by Tony Enciso, President of the PGA of Catalonia, with support from the Catalan Golf Federation, Federación Catalana de Golf (FCGolf).

Thousands of people submitted their selections on social media by voting for the best opening hole on day one, followed by their favourite second hole on day two and so on, building up to the final ‘Best 18 in Catalonia’ when voting concluded.

The Stadium Course’s 1st hole, a 435-yard (398m), par 4 dog-leg left, boasts a memorable elevated tee with striking views of the Mountseny mountains at the foot of The Pyrenees. The 9th hole – the course’s longest par 4 – is a dog-leg right with an uncompromising elevated green.

Completing the winning trio, the picturesque 11th, an inviting par 3 that falls 15 yards (13m) to a well-guarded green, is flanked by sweeping bunkers to the front and sides and water at the back.

The Stadium Course at PGA Catalunya Resort, near Girona, has been a long-established Spanish no.1 layout*. It forms part of a critically-acclaimed, 36-hole resort that also offers two accommodation options – the 5* Hotel Camiral, a member of The Leading Hotels of The World, and LAVIDA Hotel, aimed at the active traveller.

In addition, the European Tour Destination comprises a discreet, low-density real estate development that carefully integrates into and connects with the natural surroundings, with first-class leisure facilities and a select number of villa plots, stylish modern semi-detached villas and luxury apartments.

Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius offers access to two spectacular golf courses worldwide

Shangri-La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius announces its new partnership with Anahita Golf Club, granting its guests to access not one, but two world-class championship golf courses in Mauritius, with complimentary transfers and daily green fees.

Set amidst stunning tropical settings, the golf courses offer spectacular views and distinctive challenges for both beginners and seasoned players. Guests staying at the resort already had the privilege to play on Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club, a spectacular state-of-the-art 18-hole championship golf course designed by legendary pro-golfer Bernhard Langer and named as part of the top 10 golf courses in the world.


Only a few minutes away from the resort by boat shuttle, Iles aux Cerfs Golf Club is set apart from the mainland resort by a shimmering turquoise lagoon and boasts an unparalleled golfing experience. The island’s natural beauty defines an exquisite course that includes volcanic outcrops, lakes, gullies and rich, lush vegetation, with every hole offering breath-taking views of the stunning seascape beyond.

Each hole has a minimum of four tees, Langer tees, championship tees, tournament tees and forward tees, and is suitable for beginners and pro-golfers alike. The par 72 golf course spreads across 6,476 metres and offers a challenging, if not difficult, level. The golf club also features a fully serviced clubhouse with pro shop, spacious locker rooms, a signature restaurant offering international cuisine with a spectacular view, a floodlit driving range with five target greens and Ile aux Cerfs Golf Academy.


With the new partnership with Anahita Golf Club, Shangri-La’s guests can now also access the Ernie Els-designed 18-hole golf course, making the most of its tropical setting. Set out on generously proportioned fairways on a former sugar plantation in two distinct loops of nine, the Anahita Golf Club is constructed to USGA standard and incorporates some old dry-stone walls and a links-like stream into the layout, backed by lush mountains and fringed by the crystal-clear lagoon. The par 72 golf course spans across 6,828 metres with five tee options for adults and a junior tee for a challenging level with wide fairways.


Guests can also enjoy a fully serviced clubhouse with a pro shop, locker rooms with bag storage space and delight in Mediterranean specialities at the restaurant. A driving range with nine target greens and Anahita Golf Academy complete the offering for a memorable golfing experience. Shangri-La’s guests can benefit from complimentary daily green fees – one round of golf per person per day – at these two stunning golfing destinations, a seamless shuttle to the golf courses located only a few minutes away from the resort and chilled water bottles.

For beginners and those who want to try their hand at golf, a one-hour discovery session is offered at Ile aux Cerfs Golf Club and at Anahita Golf Club daily. Located on the east coast of Mauritius, in one of the island’s most breath-taking bays, Shangri La’s Le Touessrok Resort & Spa, Mauritius offers infinity views across the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The hotel boasts two swimming pools, access to two 18-hole par 72 championship golf courses, and a kids’ and teens’ club. CHI, The Spa focuses on ‘sense of place’ treatments and relaxing massages which help ease muscle tensions after a day on the golf course.

Outlook 2021 Costa Navarino: renowned destination to develop three new areas

Costa Navarino, the sustainable destination in the Greek region of Messinia, is developing two new luxury beachfront eco resorts close to the two José Mariá Olazábal-designed golf courses already scheduled to be completed in 2021.

The resorts are part of Costa Navarino's development of three new areas of the destination: Navarino Hills, Navarino Bay and Navarino Waterfront.

The hotel at Navarino Bay - designed by two of Greece's most prominent and successful architectural practices Tombazis & Associates Architects and K-Studio - will be the destination's most luxurious hotel, offering 99 suites and pool villas on two kilometres of waterfront.

The resort has an earth-sheltered design with the buildings blending into the curved hillside with planted roofs. The design follows the natural topography of the land, using local materials, giving the impression that it has grown organically. The new hotel will feature an exclusive beach club, large swimming pool, destination spa, and various restaurants, bars, lounges and terrace spaces overlooking the historic Bay of Navarino.


The hotel at Navarino Waterfront - designed by Tombazis & Associates Architects, a big proponent of contemporary bioclimatic design - north of Navarino Bay, will be different in design with a contemporary take on a traditional port town.

The design borrows architectural details from the region, such as stone-built towers, sloping stone walls and wooden elements, but interprets them in a lean and modern style. Appealing to those looking for a livelier holiday, there will be a waterfront Agora with shops, restaurants, an open-air cinema, lagoon pools and a boho-chic beach club. The hotel will have 174 rooms and suites as well as 26 bungalows.

South of Navarino Bay, development continues on Olazábal's two new golf courses, which are set high above the coastline, stretching over 150 hectares of scrubland typical of the region and bringing the total number of signature golf courses at Costa Navarino to four - all within a 13km radius.


One of the world's leading sustainable destinations, Costa Navarino is made up of several distinct sites, all in southwest Peloponnese. It is renowned for its coastal location, unspoilt landscape, cultural heritage, luxurious accommodation and exclusive real estate.

A commitment to the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility exist throughout its operation and development - the building footprint covers only 10 per cent of the land - thus protecting and preserving both its natural beauty and the local communities of Messinia.

The two new hotels and golf courses will further enhance the destination, which already offers a wide choice of luxury hospitality and real estate, high-end gastronomy, year-round golf and sports facilities, authentic experiences and activities for adults and children.

Circling Raven Golf Club will open the season 2020 on March 27

Earliest Opening Date Ever for Esteemed Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel Amenity

Circling Raven, the Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel’s renowned golf amenity, will open March 27, the earliest starting date in the history of the state’s No. 1 ranked public course.

“We’ve never opened in March during our 15 previous seasons, but the mild winter we experienced enables to do so this year,” said David Christenson, PGA, Circling Raven Director Golf. “We look forward to welcoming back players, and we’re ready to blow them away with the course, customer service, and the incredible Idaho panhandle scenery.”

Golfers can play Circling Raven at the Pre-Season Rate of $55 from March 27-April 9. That’s a savings of nearly 40% on Monday-Thursday, and nearly 45% on Friday-Sunday (and holidays). Green fees will increase to the Spring Rates ($89 & $99) on April 10 to May 21, after which begin peak season rates ($99 and $109).

Circling Raven Superintendent, Brian Woster, GCSAA, and his team are preparing the course now, and they’re expected to have the tees, fairways, and greens in typically superb playing condition by March 27 (subject to change)

Spain 2020: Son Gual`s Tour truck has rolled into Mallorca

The Son Gual Tour truck has rolled into Mallorca as part of a six-figure upgrade of its Performance Centre.

The sponsors’ versions are usually parked beside the practice range at Tour venues, with experts on hand to make modifications and repairs to equipment or stock the latest new clubs for the pros to test ahead of top-level tournaments.

But at Son Gual – near Palma in Mallorca – they have their own in-house expert in the shape of the award-winning Miki Rapado, who is considered to be one of the best club fitters and club makers in Europe. His skills are frequently put to good use by members and guests as part of the Son Gual experience.


Head professional Tim Holroyd and Rapado have invested heavily in the building and technical equipment as part of the upgraded Performance Centre. Redesigned and refurbished, it now includes the golf gym and improvements to the video room, and guest areas – with some members also making their own financial contribution to the project – while the Tour truck adds an extra dimension.

Holroyd said: “We’ve upgraded the older studio and have added several new areas, including the truck.

“The Performance Centre originally opened seven years ago but the industry is constantly evolving, so the demands and expectations of the golfers are also changing.


“The truck has been re-modelled to become a full work station, which allows us to build and change equipment as well as being able to use it to go to events and venues to be able to different services. Even we can’t all play like the Tour pros, we can make the most of our own Tour truck!”

Designed by Thomas Himmel, the 7,240-yard, par-72 course opened at a cost in excess of €30m in 2008. Now established as a leading European venue, it features large lakes, 66 bunkers, 800 olive trees – some more than 1000 years old – a superb collection of par-threes and one of the most memorable finishing holes to be found anywhere on the continent.

But the Pamer family, which built the course from scratch, is always looking to improve Son Gual and to attract new members and guests to test themselves on a venue which is consistently listed in the top 100 rankings.

Holroyd said: “The Performance Centre is probably most suitable for more advanced players but less-experienced golfers can also see huge benefits too.


“It’s also about making the whole experience more enjoyable and making people want to come back to Son Gual. The practice and learning areas of a golf club are often overlooked, but they actually play a key role in attracting new clients as well as members. Good golfers will always return to a specific club that has unique and different practice facilities.

“We are planning to add further features as spring approaches – a small area where you can have a drink in the practice facility and we will add music to the whole area, where you can play some motivational tracks or just add a little extra atmosphere.”

Golf Ball Market

The Golf Ball Market report is a compilation of first-hand information, qualitative and quantitative assessment by industry analysts, inputs from industry experts and industry participants across the value chain. The report provides in-depth analysis of parent market trends, macro-economic indicators and governing factors along with market attractiveness as per segments. The report also maps the qualitative impact of various market factors on market segments and geographies.

Golf is an individual sport in which player strike a ball with the help of a club from a tee into the hole. The game is enjoyed globally by both players as well as viewers. It's a sport that requires concentration and accuracy, and it is enjoyed by professional and amateurs golfers, both of whom compete throughout the year for titles and prizes. The two main items that a golfer needs to play the game are a golf club and a golf ball.

Top Leading Companies of Global Golf Ball Market are Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon, TaylorMade Golf, Dicks, Volvik, Slazenger and others.Regional Outlook of Golf Ball Market report includes the following geographic areas such as: North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and ROW.
On The Basis Of Product, The Golf Ball Market Is Primarily Split Into


On The Basis Of End Users/Application, This Report Covers
Online Purchases
Offline Purchases

This allows understanding of the market and benefits from any lucrative opportunities that are available. Researchers have offered a comprehensive study of the existing market scenario while concentrating on the new business objectives. There is a detailed analysis of the change in customer requirements, customer preferences and the vendor landscape of the overall market.

Browse Full Report at:

Following are major Table of Content of Golf Ball Industry:
Golf Ball Market Sales Overview.
Golf Ball Market Sales Competition by Manufacturers.
Golf Ball Market Sales Analysis by Region.
Golf Ball Market Sales Analysis by Type.
Golf Ball Market Analysis by Application.
Golf Ball Market -Manufacturers Analysis.
Furthermore, this study will help our clients solve the following issues:
Cyclical dynamics - We foresee dynamics of industries by using core analytical and unconventional market research approaches. Our clients use insights provided by us to maneuver themselves through market .Spotting emerging trends – The report help clients to spot upcoming hot market trends. We also track possible impact and disruptions which a market would witness by a particular emerging trend. Our proactive analysis help clients to have early mover advantage.

Interrelated opportunities - This report will allow clients to make decisions based on data, thereby increasing the chances that the strategies will perform better if not best in real world.

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Northern Ireland: The 148th Open delivers more than £100 million of economic benefit

The 148th Open at Royal Portrush generated more than £100 million of economic benefit for Northern Ireland, according to an independent study commissioned by The R&A and figures released by Tourism Northern Ireland today.

The Open, which returned to Northern Ireland for the first time in 68 years delivered a total economic impact, new money entering the economy, of £45 million according to the study by Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Industry Research Centre (SIRC).

Northern Ireland also gained £37.3 million in destination marketing benefit from over 5,400 hours of global television coverage.

The figures relate to the week of The Open and do not include the additional economic benefit accrued in the years following the Championship.

An additional £23.7 million has been identified by Tourism Northern Ireland in Advertising Equivalent Value for Northern Ireland Golf Tourism monitored in other media coverage across the island of Ireland and internationally.

The SIRC study - which was commissioned by golf’s governing body The R&A and supported by Tourism Northern Ireland and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council - also concluded that the Causeway Coast council area alone received a £26.21 million injection of new money from The Open.


Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A said, “The 148th Open at Royal Portrush made history as the largest sporting event ever to be held in Northern Ireland and generated a substantial economic benefit.

“The return of the Championship to Royal Portrush was eagerly anticipated and we enjoyed a hugely memorable week where we welcomed tens of thousands of spectators to an outstanding championship venue to witness Shane Lowry lifting the Claret Jug.”

John McGrillen, Chief Executive Tourism NI, said, “The 148th Open at Royal Portrush was a ground breaking event for tourism in Northern Ireland and its success further demonstrates Northern Ireland’s ability to seamlessly deliver world class events which have a very positive impact on the local economy.


“Behind the scenes a huge partnership effort across Government, Causeway Coast and Glens Council, PSNI, Translink and Tourism NI delivered an unforgettable week for players and spectators alike.”


David Jackson, Chief Executive, Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council said: “I am very proud of the role Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council played in The 148th Open, and these figures confirm its hugely significant impact on our economy. Visitors to The Open were able to enjoy the unrivalled beauty of the Causeway Coast and the warm hospitality which our destination is renowned for.

“Research has shown that the positive effects of hosting The Open will be felt for many years and I have no doubt the Causeway Coast and Glens will continue to capitalise on its experience as a world class host of The Open.”

The 148th Open attracted 237,750 fans, an attendance record for a Championship staged outside of St Andrews. Over half of the spectators who attended The Open (57.6%) travelled from outwith Northern Ireland including visitors from elsewhere in the UK (20.2%), from the Republic of Ireland (18.2%) and from overseas, the United States (11.1%), Canada (2.3%) and Australia (2.1%). Some 83% of visitors told researchers they were more likely to visit Causeway Coast and Glens and Northern Ireland in the next two years as a result of their attendance at The Open.

The Open is golf’s original championship and its return to Northern Ireland and Royal Portrush for the first time since 1951 was a huge success.


A key aim of The R&A is to attract a younger audience to the Championship, and more than 30,000 spectators under the age of 25 attended this year, including 21,000 children under the age of 16 who attend free of charge thanks to the long-running Kids Go Free initiative.

The 149th Open will take place at Royal St George’s from 12-19 July 2020. Fans eager to attend the Championship’s return to the Kent links for the first time in almost a decade can purchase tickets by visiting

Ticket and hospitality sales for Royal St George’s have been the fastest in the history of The Open with Championship Days on Saturday and Sunday as well as Weekly Tickets and Weekend Bundles having already sold out. A limited number of hospitality packages are still available.

Portugal Portimao: CPG's Annual Congress and International Team Championship 2 – 5 December 2019

From 2 – 5 December 2019, the Confederation of Professional Golf [CPG] Annual Congress and International Team Championship (ITC) will descend upon Portugal’s Algarve region, when Penina Hotel & Golf Resort hosts the events for the first time.

Located on the outskirts of Portimao, 45 minutes from Faro airport and two hours from the country’s capital Lisbon, Penina Hotel & Golf Resort provides an idyllic location to host the series of seminars, presentations and delegate activities that are synonymous with the Annual Congress.

Chief Executive of the CPG, Ian Randell, gave comment on the news: “We are very excited to be returning to Portugal for our Annual Congress and International Team Championship this year.

“Penina’s five-star hotel and golf course leads the way in Portugal for its exceptional service and facilities. We are therefore thrilled to be working with them in delivering what will be another exceptional schedule of educational and competitive opportunities to end 2019.”

Penina’s 18-hole championship golf course, dubbed ‘The Home of Portugal Golf’ will also provide an enticing stage for the ITC. In its 31st year, the tournament pits some of the CPG’s Member Country PGA’s best PGA Professionals against one another over three days of competitive play, in a team-event like no other.

JJW Hotels & Resorts, said: “It is a great honour to host the CPG’s Annual Congress and ITC at Penina Hotel & Golf Resort. Holding events of this scale requires extensive facilities of high quality, so Penina’s offering of championship golf and high-end hospitality means this will undoubtedly be an enjoyable week for the delegates and competitors alike.”

In combination, the Annual Congress and ITC consistently highlight the CPG’s Educational and Tournament schedule every year, and are sure to be another successful version of the events when they returns to Portugal’s Algarve region.

US Fall’s Finest Colors: Explore Branson Golf  and good Playing Rates

The Ozarks offer some of America's most beautiful scenery, particularly when foliage is at its peak. Maple, oak, ash and hickory – not the wooden clubs, rather, the spectacular trees – display their peak colors this time of year, complementing the vibrant Branson golf courses that have begun unveiling special seasonal rates.

If you want to tee it up today with the lower fall playing rates, consider The Pointe. The 18-hole course reduced its greens fees significantly beginning today and running through Nov. 30. Golf for $45 before 10 am, $55 after 10 am, a savings of $30 and $10 per round, respectively. Further savings kick in on December 1, when the all-day rate for 18 holes is $49.

The cost to play LedgeStone Country Club – the No. 6 ranked public courses in Missouri by Golfweek – decreases more than 35% from peak-season weekend morning rates starting November 1. Players can tee it up on the beautiful Tom Clark designed layout – which features a diverse collection of superb golf holes – for $59 Sun-Thurs with cart through February, $69 Fri-Sat before 12 pm ($59 after noon).  The course also conducts promotional food or toy drive events in November and December with reduced participation rates for participants who contribute those items. Follow LedgeStone on Social Media (Instagram) to learn when these events will be held.

Green fees drop to $79 on Nov. 1 at Branson Hills Golf Club – the No. 2-rated course in Missouri – and remain there through February. That’s a savings of nearly 40% off the peak season weekend morning all-day-play rate ($130).


The four Big Cedar Lodge courses reduce their rates twice – on Nov. 1, then again on Dec. 1. You can play the brand-new, Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw designed Ozarks National for $150 beginning in November, then $125 starting in December. Buffalo Ridge Springs (Tom Fazio) – rated the top course in the state by Golfweek – reduces rates to $115, then to $80. Those same rate adjustments are identical for Top of the Rock, the Jack Nicklaus authored par-3 short course, Last but not least, Mountain Top can be played for $50 and $45, during November and December. The Gary Player walking-only courses has 13 ingenious holes.


For those seeking more affordable playing options, Thousand Hills Golf Resort beckons. Lodging guests can play the prized Bob Cupp-designed 18-hole championship course for $39. Not staying at Thousand Hills? No problem. Groups of 12 or more can book tee times only for $49 per person. Both are exceptional values considering the normal playing rate is $69, ($59 if booked online).


Subject to change

Solheim Cup 2019 Champion is the European Team. Congrats all.

Suzann, you're brilliant! Nerves of steel!
Wow! Congratulations to Team Europe! Wonderful win!



European Captain Catriona Matthew picks Celine Boutier, Jodi Ewart Shadoff, Bronte Law and Suzann Pettersen




17th August 2019


European Captain Catriona Matthew announced her four Captain’s picks – France’s Celine Boutier, English stars Jodi Ewart Shadoff and Bronte Law and Norway’s Suzann Pettersen - at a press conference at Gleneagles. Pettersen has played in a remarkable eight Solheim Cups and qualified for a ninth in 2017 but an injury forced her to swap to a Vice Captain role, while Ewart Shadoff has played in two Solheim Cups, 2013 and 2017, and has had four top tens this season. Law is currently the highest ranked British woman, sitting at 25th on the Rolex World Rankings, while Boutier finished sixth at the AIG Women’s British Open earlier this month and fifth at the 2019 US Women’s Open and is currently ranked 59th. 

The eight players who automatically qualified for The 2019 Solheim Cup at Gleneagles, from 9th to 15th September, at the conclusion of yesterday’s Aberdeen Standard Investments Ladies Scottish Open at The Renaissance Club were Carlota Ciganda, Anne Van Dam, Caroline Hedwall, Charley Hull, Georgia Hall, Azahara Munoz, Caroline Masson and Anna Nordqvist.


Scotland’s Matthew, who has played in nine Solheim Cups, explained the reasoning behind her four selections: “Bronte and Celine’s excellent recent form speaks for itself in terms of why I selected them, and I think they are both going to have fantastic Solheim Cup debuts. I chose Jodi and Suzann for their vast experience, their recent good form and because I know exactly what they bring to the European team room. With our only other rookie being Anne Van Dam, who has also had an excellent year, I feel the experience of our team will be a great advantage to us along with the home crowd support.”


Three of the Captain’s picks were in the room when Matthew announced her final line-up while Ewart Shadoff was not able to attend after having a minor procedure last week.


Ewart Shadoff said: “I am gutted not to be there for team practice today but I will be back hitting balls next week and I am really excited to be part of Catriona’s team. I think the team looks incredibly strong, probably the strongest team I’ve been a part of and I’m honoured to have been chose by the Captain to be part of it. This will be my first Solheim Cup in Europe and just to experience the home crowd will be amazing and a big advantage for us.” 


Law said: “I couldn’t be happier to be making my Solheim Cup debut here at the beautiful Gleneagles. I am so grateful to Catriona and all the Vice Captains for picking me and I can’t wait for it to start. To be part of this great team with so many Solheim Cup legends is pretty surreal but they have all been very generous in giving me advice ahead of making my debut.” 


Boutier said: “I have been dreaming of playing Solheim Cup since I was a little girl and it really is amazing to be here at this press conference and know that my dream will come true in a month’s time! Getting out there to practise with the team today on the PGA Centenary course where I watched so much of the Ryder Cup was fantastic and I think this course is going to suit me very well.” 


Pettersen said: “Catriona knows that match play brings out the absolute best in my game and that I will be ready to deliver points for her come September. I honestly believe that my best contribution to our Solheim Cup campaign will be on the course and I am very grateful to Catriona for having the confidence to choose me for this year’s team.” 


With Pettersen stepping out of her Vice Captaincy role, Matthew announced that Mel Reid would now be her final Vice Captain, joining Dame Laura Davies and Kathryn Imrie.


The final qualifying event for the USA team will end with the CP Women’s Open in Canada, 22nd to 26th August, with many players still fighting to join their team in defending the Solheim Cup in Scotland next month.   


Lexi Thompson, Nelly Korda, Danielle Kang, Lisette Salas and Jessica Korda are all safely qualified while past US Solheim Cup team standouts  Cristie Kerr and Stacy Lewis, would need to win the CP Women’s Open to claim their place without needing a Captain’s pick from Juli Inkster.

Ryder Cup legends set for European Tour Destinations Senior Classic

Thomas Levet will be looking to draw inspiration from his 2009 Open de España victory when the European Tour Destinations Senior Classic gets underway at PGA Catalunya Resort, in Spain, from July 12-14.


The Frenchman, who is enjoying his first full season on the Staysure Tour after turning 50 last September, will be joined in the field by a star-studded line-up, which includes Masters Tournament Champion Ian Woosnam, 2014 Ryder Cup Captain Paul McGinley and 1997 Ryder Cup player Miguel Angel Martin.


Levet captured the fifth of his six European Tour victories at the acclaimed Girona venue, home of Spain’s No.1 course*, which has hosted three editions of the Open de España and nine consecutive editions of European Tour Qualifying School Final Stage until 2016.

‘’I have great memories of playing at PGA Catalunya Resort and of my win at the venue back in 2009,’’ he said. ‘’The Stadium Course is an outstanding test of golf and hopefully I can try and use my experience to help secure my first win on the Staysure Tour.’’

Former World Number One and World Golf Hall of Fame Member Ian Woosnam will be looking to add to his tally of five Staysure Tour titles when the tournament heads to Spain for the first time after visits to Finland’s Linna Golf Club in 2017 and to Lighthouse Golf and Spa Resort, Bulgaria, in 2018.


The Welshman, who captained Team Europe to a record-equaling 18 ½ - 9 ½ victory over Team USA at The Ryder Cup in 2006, is one of two players in the field who have led the continent to victory in the biennial contest, with the 2014 winning captain Paul McGinley set to compete as he also bids to win his first title on the over-50s circuit.

Other notable Ryder Cup players set to contest the title include Jarmo Sandelin, who narrowly missed out on victory at the Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship in June and 2019 Senior Open Hauts de France by Jean van de Velde champion Peter Baker.

Bob May, best known for his memorable battle down the stretch with Tiger Woods at The 2000 US PGA Championship, adds to a large international contingent, which includes The 2017 Staysure Tour Order of Merit winner Clark Dennis, Australia’s Peter Fowler and Argentinian José Cóceres, who will be looking to reclaim his position at the top of The 2019 Staysure Tour rankings. 

The three-round European Tour Destinations Senior Classic runs from July 12-14 at PGA Catalunya Resort, marking the 20th Anniversary of the venue’s celebrated Stadium Course.

Doha,  discover The  Pearl Qatar

Ten of Discover Qatar’s sales team experienced Education City Golf Club during a 3 hours familiarization trip. The sales team toured the extensive facilities and then experienced golf via a putting clinic and tournament. Education City Golf Club is a landmark project for Qatar and the world of golf, offering a revolutionary and holistic approach to growing the game of golf, with a number of short game formats. The course is due for soft a soft opening in October 2018.

Education City Golf Club has a state-of-the-art learning and practice facility housed in the Centre of Excellence, a facility designed for golf development. The course features an innovative TrackMan range, an 18-hole championship golf course, a floodlit 6-hole championship course with 7 teeing ground options per hole for quick and multi-generational golf and a floodlit 9-hole par-3 course all designed by two-time major winner Jose Maria Olazabal. The amazing golf courses are serviced by a clubhouse and academy building which will both offer all-day dining options. Surrounding the clubhouse are large gardens where a number of lawn sports will be available.

Education City Golf Clubs General Manager Michael Braidwood said: “We were delighted to receive the team from Discover Qatar for our first familiarization trip. Working with Discover Qatar is extremely important to the success of the club as they will promote and coordinate a large number of our international visitors to the club. Seeing is believing so we are very keen to get as many tourism stakeholders to the club before we open in October. Furthermore, they had a great time and we might see some new golfers emerging from the visit”

Earlier this year, Discover Qatar, the destination management subsidiary arm of Qatar Airways, announced its latest selection of pre-bookable city and desert tours for passengers transiting through Qatar, making it one of the world’s leading inbound tourism providers for transit passengers.


Initially launched in 2015, the transit tours are aimed at passengers with a transfer time of between 6 and 12 hours at Hamad International Airport. The latest selection of tours include visiting key landmarks including The Pearl-Qatar for the finest quality shops and restaurants; Katara Cultural Village, a centre dedicated to celebrating arts and heritage; Souq Waqif, for traditional jewellery, spices and handicrafts; and the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA), for its stunning collection of art, architecture and beautiful park. In addition, passengers can book a unique desert experience and visit Sealine Beach and the sand dunes of Mesaieed either in the exclusive off-road monster bus or a luxury 4 X 4 vehicle during their stopover. Alongside city and desert tours, transit passengers can also book the ‘Stop & Shop’ tour which offers a chauffeur-driven car to the Mall of Qatar – home to luxury fashion brands and world-class restaurants.

Aphrodite Hills Golf PGA National Cyprus REOPENED

The 1st tee shot at the fully renovated PGA National Cyprus The official re-opening of the renovated Aphrodite Hills Golf Course, The PGA National, Cyprus happened on Friday 19th January 2018.


The most important section of the major investment upgrade and complete modernisation of €4 million; including the rebuilding of greens and bunkers, has been completed earlier than it was originally estimated. The Clubhouse facilities and the creation of a Members’ Lounge is well on schedule and will open in the months to follow.


“The European Golf Resort of the Year 2018” has brought forward the opening date and the club captain Tony Raphael hit the 1st tee shot on Friday the 19th of January at 07:46am. The Club members followed the club captain playing a team competition. With multi awarded facilities, the unique winter sun and amazing Mediterranean climate, Cyprus offers the highest of the quality of thematic tourism.

The renovated PGA National Golf Course is now ready to welcome players from all over the world.

PGA Catalunya Resort confirms  status as best course in Spain

The Stadium layout at PGA Catalunya Resort, near Girona, has once again been named Spain’s No.1 course in’s latest Spanish rankings.


The 7,333-yard layout designed by Neil Coles and Angel Gallardo, which also achieved a final position of 4th in the influential website’s latest Continental European listing, fended off competition from Spain’s other 348 courses to retain the crown it has held continuously since 2012.’s judging panel were especially impressed by the immaculate conditioning of Spain’s no.1 course and the ambience created by its special setting on a forested 300-hectare estate.


Andy Newmarch from’s listing, said: “The Stadium Course at PGA Catalunya Resort remains our Spanish #1 for 2018-2019. This continues to be a huge achievement as growing numbers of top-end courses in this country are making our listing ever more competitive.


“I have said before that the Stadium Course has improved on each visit in recent years – and that was true again in 2017. The course delivers superb design, first-class conditioning, a big challenge… and it is quite simply a wonderful place to be. The Stadium Course at PGA Catalunya Resort is a Must Play.”


The continued improvements to the Stadium Course and its sister Tour layout – itself securing a top 25 position – reveal the determination of PGA Catalunya Resort, a European Tour Destination, to offer its guests and residents world-class golf as part a luxurious, active lifestyle.

David Plana, CEO of PGA Catalunya Resort, said: “Once again has ranked the Stadium layout as the best course in Spain, and this reflects the consistency of the its challenge and presentation. While we are investing heavily away from the fairways – including the luxurious 5* Hotel Camiral and new sport and leisure facilities – the Stadium Course is the jewel in our crown and fundamental to our drive to deliver the ultimate golf and lifestyle resort.”


PGA Catalunya Resort’s three-year, multi-million Euro investment programme is seeing a wealth of new facilities introduced – including football pitches, tennis courts, a new Forest Park and a man-made recreational lake – which are helping it become a valuable ecological reserve. The resort’s prestigious, five star Hotel Camiral, opened in 2016, is taking the leisure offerings, as well as the dining experiences of PGA Catalunya Resort to a new level.

Less than an hour’s drive from the vibrant city of Barcelona and only 20 minutes from the Michelin-starred restaurants of Girona, the 36-hole resort is building on its IAGTO 2015 award for Golf Resort of the Year in Europe, steadily becoming the ultimate golf and lifestyle resort.

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