Aphrodite Hills on the front cover – the Cypriot destination 2019

Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus, signs-up to display its membership as a Worldclass golf Destination


To coincide with the publication of the spring/summer 2019 portfolio of worldclass golf – which features a photograph of the 8th hole at Aphrodite Hills on the front cover – the Cypriot destination last week unveiled a new plaque to showcase it’s involvement in, and commitment to, worldclass golf.

Michael Lenihan, personally presented director of golf at Aphrodite Hills, Andrew Darker, with a personalised  sign to display within the newly renovated clubhouse, and Darker was delighted to accept the plaque that will take pride of place at the resort.

“When Aphrodite Hills was invited to join worldclass golf last year, I was truly humbled,” said Darker, who has worked at Aphrodite Hills for the past 16 years. “Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in our golf operation – both on and off the course – and to be recognised as a ‘world-class’ destination is testament not only to my team, but the quality of the golf course.

“All of the staff at Aphrodite Hills are driven to deliver superb customer service, and we always strive to ensure that each and every visitor is made to feel welcome, special and valued,” added Darker. “That’s why I was so delighted to accept the invitation to join worldclass golf, as my team at Aphrodite Hills shares the same ‘visitor experience’ vision as other like-minded destinations within the portfolio. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the ‘touch points’ along the visitor journey exceed expectations, and we are proud of our participation with worldclass golf.”

Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus, has invested over €4m renovating the golf course, together with extending and modernising the clubhouse, which is where the worldclass golf signage will be displayed.


“When I visited Aphrodite Hills last year, I was impressed not only by the golf course and its condition, but the vision that Andrew and his team shared for the golf operation,” said Michael Lenihan. “Improvements have been made to the visitor experience over the past year, so I was delighted to showcase Aphrodite Hills on the front cover of the spring/summer 2019 portfolio.

“Any golfer visiting Aphrodite Hills can be assured of a truly ‘world-class’ visitor experience, from the moment they arrive, to the moment they depart, so perhaps that explains why so many golfers return to Aphrodite Hills, year-after-year.”