Spain: It`s raining red wine in Costa Cálida

Bathing in red wine rain may sound like the stuff of dreams, but’s a reality in the region of Murcia at the Cabalgata del Vino in Jumilla.

Among the annual fiestas in the north of the region, perhaps the highlight of the weekend is held on August 17 with around 70,000 litres of wine showered on the crowds as everyone’s previously white clothing is turned a rich shade of pink as part of the festivities.

Water pistols, buckets, watering cans or homemade wine squirters are all out in force as part of a parade with live music, a concert and a fair amount of wine drunk as part of the event.

This celebration of the wine-making process is also a fantastic opportunity to sample some of the locally-produced wines of Murcia with many of the nearby bodegas offering samples to promote their products in a region which is becoming increasingly popular in recent times among wine experts or enthusiastic novices.

Wine tourism is now seen as an ideal holiday theme for many holidaymakers. With 19 wine bodegas available to visit throughout the year as part of the Ruta del Vino de Jumilla, there are also some memorable day tips on wine tourism routes – in Bullas, Jumilla and Yecla – with English-speaking guides to understand the process in creating the different types of wines in southern Spain.

Here are just a few of Murcia’s top wines to try on your next visit:
Hecula (Yecla)
A full-bodied dark wine with black fruit, liquorice, dark spices and smoky oak flavours.
Solanera Viñas Viejas (Yecla)
Succulent with aromas of black raspberry, tobacco, tanned leather, and oak.
Juan Gil Eiquita Plata (Jumilla)
A well-rounded finish with a hint of liquorice, balsamic hints, spicy touches and likened to a wild blackberry jam.
Lavia Plus (Bullas)
A balanced taste with medium depth, balsamic aromas and hints of charcoal, nuts and pepper.