Golf Bali partners with Balicopter Tours & Chartersalicopter Tours & Charters

Balicopter has been operating in Indonesia for several years and now fully established in Bali with multiple landing pads offering unique tours and charters to fascinating destinations in Bali and nearby islands.

One feature is taking a helicopter to play golf at Handara Golf Resort high in the mountains near Bedougall. Instead of a 3 hour drive you can arrive fresh in 30 minutes, relaxed and ready to play. After a fantastic mountain golf experience in the crater of a dormant volcano arrive back at your hotel in Bali for a swim before dinner.

Your partners can also take a heli tour around north Bali while you play golf.

The Robinson R66 Turbine Marine’s ability to provide excellent reliability, responsive handling, and altitude performance makes the R66 the ideal helicopter for our tours.

Discover our incredible range of helicopter tours and charters. From scenic flights over Bali and unique picnics to unforgettable birthday surprises and luxury getaways to Nusa Penida or Gili Islands, we have the perfect experience to share, gift, or enjoy.